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"My son has attended VOV from the time he was 18 months old till he graduated in the year 2019. This was his first school and I can say with conviction that we could not have chosen a better learning institution for him. VOV is a great place for kids, especially when they first have to spend time away from home; which is very difficult. VOV has an extremely warm and welcoming environment for kids and the teachers go out of their way to provide the children with warmth, affection, and love. This environment allowed my son to overcome his fear of being away from home and his parents to blossom into a confident, young boy. During his kindergarten years, the academic focus his teachers had and the genuine interest they had in his and other kids' learning and growth could not have been any clearer. The school also finds the time to introduce children to a variety of activities such as piano, karate, and dance. The teachers extend their knowledge to organize cultural fairs, science exhibitions, and concerts which help the kids learn about their cultural roots as well as the world around them. It helps shape the kids into well rounded individuals. In my experience, VOV has been a standout exemplar of everything a learning institution should strive to be. Despite the multiple facets of learning, this institution always put the kids first and the teachers are constantly there as their support system."

Warm regards,
"Our son has been attending the VOV program since September 2010. Initially we were hesitant to switch him from his current program, but we had heard many great things about the VOV Montessori Program. As soon as we toured the facilities and met the staff, we knew that this program would be a good fit for our son. His teachers have provided him with the necessary care and attention that he needed to initially settle in and become accustomed to this new setting. He has been provided with a warm, caring and nurturing environment that is conducive to his learning. As well, we feel comforted by the fact that he receives nutritious, vegetarian meals, which was an issue at his previous daycare. His teachers encourage learning through different modalities. The various field trips, weekly theme-related activities and guest speakers, and exposure to songs, sports, dance, prayers and scripts in Hindi and French have enhanced his overall learning and development. Learning and teaching occur in naturalistic situations and through play-based activities, mixed in with more structured academic tasks. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the care and learning that our son has received while at the VOV program. We continue to see him grow, develop and learn new skills. We feel happy and comfortable leaving him each day, knowing that he is surrounded by loving, caring and nurturing individuals."
A proud preschool parent:
"The VOV Montessori is one of the best things that we could have done for our children. The school strikes the perfect balance between academics, culture and the Hindu religion. Attention is given to each child’s unique needs and learning styles by caring teachers who are genuinely motivated to help each student succeed. The nurturing environment in which our children were taught has given them the knowledge to be proud of their culture and the confidence to succeed wherever life may lead them."
Ravi & Sonia Kanani
"We were introduced to the VOV Montessori School at the right time; both our sons enthusiastically attended the school for their pre-school, JK and SK. They have always enjoyed and looked forward to go to school! All teachers are well trained and exceptionally capable of providing the positive learning environment children need to grow without any pressure. And the best part – children learn our cultural values too! We recommend VOV Montessori School to everybody. It is the time and money very well spent with no regret at all."
Sheetal Vajaria
"All three of our children with different personalities, have had the opportunity to be a part of VOV Montessori from the beginning. This school has provided them with a fundamental grounding like no other. The Montessori curriculum has enabled our children to accelerate at an early age through hands-on learning with a strong emphasis on becoming independent. VOV fosters a nurturing environment while focusing on the successful development of each child. Our kids have also gained a strong understanding and respect for the Indian culture in a fun and meaningful way that will keep them connected to the community for many years to come."
Hanisha and Rakesh Sharma
"We have had a great experience sending both our children to VOV Academy. The teachers are kind plus considerate and make the school a safe, nurturing environment. I have always been impressed with how smoothly the school has been run. The teachers do a great job in organizing events and putting on great performances for the children to participate in. Most of all, I feel the teachers listen to our concerns and try to address them to the best of their ability. Our children have always been happy to go to school; and to us that is a true sign how they enjoy their time there; learning valuable academic skills to help them grow. We are thankful to be part of the VOV school community and hope our children retain the values they have learned at the school."
“We're so fortunate to have been able to send our kids to VOV Montessori School. The school has truly been a home away from home for our children with the care and love that the teachers have provided over the years. The school has grown beautifully over the last 7 years or so that we have been associated with it. My daughter spent 5 years here and now my son is enjoying the warm and supportive environment of the school as the teachers genuinely care about the well-being of the children. Kids are nurtured and educated on Indian culture, festivals and traditions in addition, they are provided a strong foundation in academics using Montessori principles. We have seen a distinct advantage for our daughter on graduating from VOV as she embarked on her educational journey in elementary school a couple of years ago. She wishes VOV had higher grades - a testament to the comfort she felt during her time there. Kudos to all the teachers for the hard work they're putting in!”
Anonymous Parent
Educators have a long - lasting impact on our lives. Early experience we share with them can most certainly enhance our formative and ongoing learning. As our son has now progressed to Elementary School, we can see the lasting impressions of how positively his time at VOV has influenced and enriched his life. We feel a deep sense of gratitude for having had the blessing and opportunity to be affiliated with VOV – a School with true heart. We are most appreciative and thankful for the wonderful times and positive experience at VOV. It was the right start to our son’s academic path and stepping stones to future endeavours.
We truly miss the Teachers and wish them continued success-all the very best always.

Thank you,
Ruzbeh, Vabeez, Perseus

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