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In addition to the Montessori academic curriculum, VOV Academy offers specialty programs.  By engaging the children in extracurricular activities, they learn and develop skills catered to leadership qualities, teamwork, time management strategies, and how to prioritize their commitments. The children’s participation in extracurricular activities effectively supports them in gaining self-confidence and acquiring new skills in a comfortable atmosphere. This can benefit the children in mastering new skills and explore different interests that can help them build their self-esteem.

Children are provided with the opportunity to learn Classical music & Bollywood dance forms from our professional music and dance teachers. The children’s self-expression takes on various genres which include, songs, dance, sharing stories, and symbols reflecting their own culture through the re-enactment of Hindu scriptures such as the Ramayan.  Through music, movement, and drama; the children are more equipped to communicate and explore their imagination. The extension of dance is further prompted in drama musicals which are specially performed throughout the year. In music, children learn social skills, establish relationships with others and feel a sense of belonging to a group.

Yoga helps to promote mental health and wellness, physical balance and spiritual development of the child. Through a series of exercises and postures; the children learn to build strength, flexibility, and confidence. The breathing practices in yoga assist in aligning the body/mind complex and calming the mind in order to stimulate focussing on the tasks at hand.

Children have the opportunity to learn Piano from a professional Piano teacher. By learning Piano in the early years, it creates a framework to help boost children’s brain development and mental health.

Research has shown that between the ages of birth to six years of age, children can learn and retain several different spoken languages. Our French program is delivered through an interactive process that involves the use of hands on visual materials, games, music, and movement.

special programspecial program

Hindi class is held twice a week for JK/SK students. Through various mediums of learning; the children acquire the knowledge in learning the basic concepts in the Hindi Language.  They will begin to recognize the Hindi alphabet, numbers, colours, and simple words to create sentences while building their vocabulary. The kindergarten children will progress to learn poems, rhymes, the calendar, the days of the weeks, and the months of the year.

The children will develop a personality of physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual aspects while learning the core values of growing up and becoming respectable citizens in our society. They will acquire knowledge about dignity and self-respect while imparting good manners.

The JK/SK children will experience hands-on training from a professional Sensai.  Marital Arts augments the development of gross motor skills, builds concentration, and self-regulation.  As children perform this art with fellow peers; they will continue to grow socially, emotionally, and gain discipline.

The study of creative arts allows difficult concepts to be visually understood; making it easier to comprehend.  The children who may be other wised is engaged in other activities, will positively strive in creative arts.  The area of visual arts teaches the children about techniques such as colours, balance, and perspective which is visually evident in their academic abilities.  The arts link children to their own culture and to other cultures around the world.

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